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Lucas Karlemo 2015 easter regatta winner

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Press release 2015

Seven countries in top 10 for Final Day – Finland on top

Magic Marine Easter Regatta

Lake Braassemermeer, The Netherlands

Following a great series, the final day brought overcast conditions with an unstable breeze. Bronze, Silver, and Gold all finished one race today to end a solid finals series of four races for Gold fleet and ten total races. Monday fell short of a gorgeous sailing day but did not fall short of tricky competition for the final races.

Small puffs and large shifts made for a difficult situation for the leaders to secure their positions. Going into the final day within 10 points was Lucas Karlemo from Finland, Laila can der Meer from the Netherlands, and Oscar Engstrom from Sweden. Seven different countries represented the top ten.

With tensions high among the leaders in the end it was Finland who took home 1st and 2nd place with Lucas Karlemo on top. Lucas finished 11th position in the final race which was enough to take home Gold. Joakim Svinhufvud from Finland finished 2nd winning the last race and finishing 3 points behind his teammate. In third was Oscar Engstrom from Sweden and Dutch sailor Laila van der Meer finished fourth after a black flag just after two first place finishes in race 8 and 9.

“This is my 4th year at the Easter Regatta and I look forward to it each year,” commented Hattie Rogers (GBR). “The fact that it is shifty makes it very challenging but great practice. The competitors are all great and I have made good friends. Coming as a team with a qualified group from England makes it really feel like a team.” Hattie finished 7th and as top sailor from Britain.

“Lake Braassemermeer is a great learning environment where the Finnish sailors have been doing very well. The conditions are incredibly tricky which requires that the sailors have good boat speed combined with tactical knowledge and patience,” commented Sam McKenzie, coach of the Finnish team.

240 Optimist sailors from 16 countries raced in various conditions, which delivered a great event. The weekend also included activities, Easter festivities and a great atmosphere. Although there was some waiting throughout the day the race committee managed 1 race before it turned into a complete glass off on the lake when the sun decided to shine.

“The strongest asset had by all is Lake Braassemermeer where you have the ability to view as spectators, a comfortable clubhouse with an excellent restaurant and a organizing committee between the Optimist Club Netherlands and the WV Braassemermeer. The lake is a relatively protected environment which is safe and great for racing,” commented Carrie Howe, brand manager of Magic Marine.

The Magic Marine Easter Regatta celebrated its 30th anniversary and looks forward to next year.


A bright end to Day 3 at the Magic Marine Easter Regatta

Day 3

Lake Braassemermeer, The Netherlands

A beautiful Easter morning welcomed the third day of racing at the Magic Marine Easter Regatta, with all boats launching on time. The first race was underway as scheduled, however due to the lack of wind, only Gold Fleet managed to finish before the wind ran out, with the other two fleets races having to be abandoned. The postponement flag marked the mid part of the day with patient sailors waiting in the brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures.

The wind did not disappoint, however, filling in with a constant 8-knot breeze at the end of the day from the North, with the sun still shining at 15.00. This resulted in glorious racing conditions for the optimist sailors in the afternoon sun. The race committee pushed for two races in Bronze and Silver and three races in the Gold fleet.

Dutch talent Annabelle Westerhof commented, “The Easter Regatta is a great event to test what we have practiced all winter against other countries. This year Finland has a great team and countries like Latvia, which I don’t know much about, are also here. We look forward to see the entire Dutch and International teams at the start the season.”

Although there was some waiting throughout the day, spirits were kept high with an on the water visit from the Easter Bunny, alongside the event chicken who was on tour throughout the day. The race committee even started the day with an annual 7 am “Easter breakfast” to prepare the team for the long day on the water.

The American team has travelled the farthest, but comfortable today in light air as several sailors sail in Long Island Sound where the summers have breathless days. “This was my day,” commented Griffin Gigliotti. “While we were waiting we could swap ideas and different tactics with other countries in order to learn. At one point I received incredible advice from Germany about the constant shifts and because of that I got 5th in the race.”

Comments from Sofia Segalla and Oliver Hurwitz from the US team, “We even went on tour through the canals on our optimists. And then Oliver fell out of the boat but we all had a great day. Our team qualified together and to sail against this many countries is incredible.”

The race winners are announced each day together with 30th anniversary prizes to celebrate the anniversary of the event.

Lilly Hofman won two races in the Bronze fleet, “I wanted to show everything that I have learned. I was bummed to have not done well in the first days but today was great. I was focused and with my new sail I was super fast.”

Incredible conditions prevail at the Magic Marine Easter Regatta

Day 2

Lake Braassemermeer, The Netherlands 

Marking the opening of the International Optimist schedule, the Magic Marine Easter Regatta is in full swing with 240 competitors representing 17 different countries. From what started as a dismal week with gale force winds and torrential rain, the event has developed to provide tight racing on the sheltered lake in The Netherlands.

In the first two days, 6 races in 3 groups have been raced. A surprise strong performance from the Finnish team has proved difficult for the usual Dutch, Belgium and English talents.

Looking back at the history of the event: it all started when a Scandinavian delivered a request to the Netherlands for a more feasible location capable to host an Optimist event in the cold winter period. Lake Braassemermeer has proved for 30 years strong that the location is well chosen seeing that sailing in the winter in Northern Europe can be tricky with the harsh winters.

“Lake Braassemermeer is a great  learning environment. The conditions are incredibly tricky which requires that the sailors have good boat speed combined with tactical knowledge and patience,” commented Sam McKenzie, coach of the Finnish team. “In Garda it is difficult for the sailors to practice their tactics because of the predominant favoured side. Conditions on Lake Braassemermeer are representable to what the Optimist Worlds will be this year in Dziwnow, Poland on the bay.”

2015 marks the anniversary of the 30th edition of the Easter Regatta and is for sponsored by the Dutch technical sailing clothing company Magic Marine for the last 10 years. The event is World Class and known for quality racing and fun for the entire sailing family. Hosted during Easter weekend; the event includes an Easter egg hunt, games for the brothers and sisters, and 4 days of chocolate.

Zara Howarth from Poole, England commented, “It is great to have qualified (top 40 in English rankings) for the Easter Regatta team. Loads of sailors from other countries make it really great and a full week to work as a team with great racing conditions. We are loving it!”